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The proprietor of this establishment takes pleasure in announcing 
to the public generally that he is prepared to supply their demands with the

       Best A No. 1,    

City & Country Tours

That can be found on this coast, and at prices that

Defy Competition!

City & Country orders solicited and Promply filled.

Our tours can be taken to any one of the scenic Oregon wine country destinations and is...

'Warrented to Wine Razzle-Dazzle everyone...'

Hotels, B&B, Downtown, Residences, Private Families & friends, Co-Workers & Couples, Tourists & Conventioneers...


 by ordering service by PHONE or with your hotel concierge. Your own personal tour service at the budget price.

A DAY TO: (ASTUTE-- Shrewdly Discerning)

  • Admire the stunning views of the Cascade and Coastal mountain ranges or the Hood River Valley and the exceptional scenery of 8+ AVAs (American Viticulture Areas).

  • See Oregon's Wine Country. The picturesque villages of the N. Willamette Valley & Columbia R Gorge are revealed one by one along those legendary routes. A welcome break in the Dundee Hills and detours along Route 240 in Carlton/Yamhill, Route 219 in Newberg, Route 47 in Gaston, Route 99W toward Salem. Or a welcome break in Hood River (Columbia R Gorge AVA) and detours along Route 14 in Washington.

  • Taste the best of the Oregon wine country with prestigious wine tasting.

  • Unlock the secrets of Pinot Noir and many other varietals.

  • Travel privately in a luxury vehicle with an Oregon wine expert in a single or multi-day event with complete concierge service.

  • Experience these legendary vineyards. You will gradually grasp the essence of the Vineyards: the notion of 'climates & soils', so dear to the heart of winemaker's, will soon no longer hold any secrets for you...

Le luxe c'est etre capable d'improviser l'impossible

"Luxury is the ability to improvise the impossible."

Our Standard Packages include Full-Service or Vehicle & Driver Only; Multi-Day, Multi-Tour, All-Inclusive& Others... 3 Full-Service Package Options:

(Choose One)**

Silver--Visit the beautiful tasting rooms for their Estate Tasting, a casual tasting room experience, where you will sip and savor a selection of current releases, surrounded by sweeping vineyard and valley views.

Gold--Reserve tasting at exclusive off-the-beaten-path estates for more exquisite and prestigious tasting experiences.

Diamond--Discover and Taste Legendary, Rare & Exceptional Wines. Visit the Estate cellars... Meet the Winemakers... Barrel taste...*

*Request the 'Ultimate Willamette Valley 1-4 Day Getaway' Diamond Package. Spare no expense as we take you to open-to-the-public, appt only and winery tour and tasting experience wineries. For this option we will divulge the cost (which is anticipated to be higher than the norm), but we will not divulge the winery destinations, which are a secret. Choose our 'Diamond' package, where you'll discover and taste legendary, rare & exceptional wines; visit the estate cellars; meet the winemakers, barrel taste & much more.

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**If you don't choose an option above, we will take you on a Silver--Estate Tasting Package

Philip Colby, ~ Proprietor

A Liberal Commission or Reduction made to the Trade

Full-Service Tour cost includes the complete full-service tour; including the vehicle, driver/tour guide and our concierge service, with all the planning/preparations, water, ice &/or soda pop and lunch concierge (lunch cost is additional) needed for your tour.  Snacks/food & drinks/wine are allowed on board the vehicle. With almost 20 years of experience (since 1998) planning Portland wine tours, our concierge will make your event a perfect event.




Celebrated as a Gala event, My Chauffeur' Wine & Cuisine Tours are provided fresh with love and attention.  You can buy cheap, machine packaged warehouse wine tours from our competitors, or you can pay us nothing more for our service which is locally owned, 'hand-made', great-service driven and an earnest dream come true. No wine jesters, trinkets or fancy chocolates, we are just good old fashioned service and core values...aimin' to give you one of the best days of your life!  And in actuality, we are LESS costly than our competition, check it out here!  More about Our Story.

Join Us!

The lady kissed the goblet; the knight took it up. He quaffed off the wine, and he threw down the cup. He took her soft hand ere her mother could bar, 'Now tread we a measure with My Chauffeur!' said young Lochinvar.*




* Lockinvar by Sir Walter Scott.  Italic words added for emphasis.



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