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This fascinating landscape of mountains, meadows, valleys, lakes, farms and rivers looks much as it did hundreds of years ago. The north Willamette valley, nestled between Tillamook County and the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the mighty Willamette River to the east, was the first and largest of Oregon's winery districts. It is a poetic land, and an inspiration where austerity, beauty and even rugged hills combine with fertile meadows and endless grape vines. It is old Oregon country.

Greetings from My Chauffeur. These pages are for you - where a tantalizing glance can lead to wonderful memories - where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of our research into the wineries of many parts of Oregon.  Be our guest - use the buttons at the bottom/top/side of the pages - look around, take an instance, then come as individuals on one of our tours - or even bring a group of friends or colleagues on a trip especially planned for you. 

Our outings will combine rugged "sight-seeing" where we'll view some of Oregon's highest mountains with middle and low level travel where the views are just as varied and spectacular as from the higher points. The North Willamette Valley can offer this because the glaciers and volcanic activity of an earlier age carved this region in a wonderful combination of rugged peaks and ridges, separated by temperate valleys surrounding endless pristine meadows.  Our trips are offered in the winter, summer, autumn and springtime, when the green hillsides are dotted with hundreds of newborn lambs, the lanes are bordered with spring wildflowers, and the songbirds serenade you as you sip wine.  In the farm fields and meadows, you may see deer and ring-necked pheasant,  visitors to the area who liked it so much, they stayed!  Enjoy the spectacular mountain views of valley and lake and marvel at the sight of endless snapdragons and wild primroses. In the winter, this land is rich with stark beauty.  And in the autumn, it is truly a colorful sight to behold. 

And for the adventuresome, you may even combine your wine tour with an activity or another tour event.

This is an escorted tour, with someone in the position of chauffeur, pilot, answerer of questions and general guide/ translator of menus/ protector from the oddities of Oregon life and all-round wine country oracle. This is an superb way to see Oregon at its most intimate level, as on an escorted tour you can reach unknown corners and secret locations which only someone with local knowledge could find.

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