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Please Choose a Tour Region & Tour Type below: (If your not sure which tour region/area, then more than likely it will be the N. Willamette Valley)

  • N. WILLAMETTE VALLEY (Yamhill & Washington Counties & Salem area. For the Portland Urban tour, see below) -

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  • COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE AVA (Wineries in the Hood River, Oregon area and beyond) -

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  • PORTLAND URBAN TOUR (Wineries & wine bars in the Portland Metro area)

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    • Standard Full-Service (per person or hourly rate charges; includes all packages and gift certificates)

    • 'Recession Wine Tour' (hourly rate; vehicle & driver only) - The Portland Urban tour can be a full-service or vehicle/driver only option. For a list of wineries, see above. For general info about 'Recession Wine Tours', see here.

ASAP pickups: If you ordered an ASAP pickup or a pickup within 3 hours of contact with My Chauffeur, please do not expect anything more than the vehicle and driver being present at or about the agreed pickup time. Consider it an approximate pickup time and no-frills package as we may not have time for any services, including vehicle cleaning services. For cancellations at the pickup location, My Chauffeur HAS THE OPTION of charging full fare NET TOTAL on your reservation agreement.

Lexus sedan: The Lexus sedan has a rear middle seat only appropriate for persons 58 or under & is only marginally comfortable. If you would like to upgrade to the larger vehicle, please contact us.

My Chauffeur tours are not for everyone. About 95% of groups are happy with our tours and tour style. About 5% are not. If our style of tour or tour guiding is not liked or appreciated, simply ask your guide to stop narrating and/or request a reasonable request(s). Don't worry, he/she will not be insulted. If the tour itself IS NOT to your liking, you may end it at any time and receive a discount on the unused time, however a minimum charge requirement may apply (on your tour confirmation). Refunds on your used time will NOT take place. Please do not confront your driver or guide, because chances are he/she is doing the best they can and you/they will not be able to improve the situation. See your Terms & Conditions #7.




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