What does 'Enjoying Alcohol Responsibly' really mean?

We think it is important to inform and educate our guests about all aspects of our service.  This website is full of practical information about enjoying wine (alcohol) responsibly. We hope you’ll find our advice, answers and guidelines useful.  But before you read on, remember:
  • alcohol is only for adults over the legal drinking age

    "To enjoy alcohol responsibly, you need answers to some important questions", says Philip, My Chauffeur Winery Tour consultant.

  • limit yourself to one, maximum two drinks a day if you’re a woman and two to three drinks a day if you’re a man
  • never drink before or when driving or when operating machinery
  • never drink if you’re pregnant
  • never mix alcohol with medicine

Drinking Guidelines

While different countries publish different guidelines for drinking alcohol responsibly, most scientists and doctors agree that men can safely enjoy two drinks a day, while women should stick to one. They also agree that some people – including children, adolescents and pregnant women – should not drink alcohol at all.

Alcohol Facts

Fact: alcohol is a natural product. Fact: like many other natural products, it affects your body when consumed. First it sedates your central nervous system, then, if you keep drinking, irritates it. Fact: alcohol makes some people happy, some sad, and others angry – but too much alcohol gives everyone the same symptoms – a hangover!

Risky Drinking Patterns

In some situations and for people with certain physical conditions drinking alcohol in any amounts poses a significant risk to health and safety. The most obvious one is drinking and driving – because alcohol and driving are a deadly mix. But it’s also dangerous to drink at work, during or before sports, when you’re pregnant or if you have alcohol-related problems.

Alcohol Policy



one taste, two tastes, three tastes



2 oz + 2 oz + 2 oz =

feeling of well being


lower inhibitions

sensation of warmth




more than 3 tastes

in an hour

drink responsibly

ask for a light pour

loss of good judgment

impaired balance & coordination

blurred vision


My Chauffeur recognizes our responsibility to encourage people to enjoy wine (alcohol) in moderation as part of a positive lifestyle. At the same time, we don’t believe that general limitations on production, sales and consumption are the most effective way to address the problem of irresponsible drinking. We believe more specific, targeted actions can achieve the best results.  As a result:

o      'Hard alcohol' is NOT allowed inside our tour vehicles. 

o      Only drinking wine or beer responsibly & moderately is allowed inside our tour vehicles. 

o      If a tour guest is too intoxicated to drive home after the tour, My Chauffeur will, on request, arrange for a driver or a taxi. 

If any party member shows signs of excessive intoxication as determined by the chauffeur; any of the following may occur:

  • All alcohol will be removed from the passenger compartment of the vehicle by the chauffeur.

  • The tasting room staff will be notified by the chauffeur that this person may be excessively intoxicated. 

  • The rental agreement may be terminated.  If the termination of the rental agreement is instituted, no refunds will be issued.

Family & Alcohol

Alcohol can have a major impact on family life, but at the same time, parents who use alcohol responsibly can make a positive difference to the attitudes and behaviors that their children adopt as they grow up.


Confused about what alcohol does to your body or how long it stays in your bloodstream? Want to know if it’s good for your health? Want to know why you feel so bad after you drink too much alcohol? This easy to use section contains some useful answers to the most frequently asked questions about alcohol.

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