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(If you have a smart phone and can 'set on the side' web pages, then download the winery intro's/readers before your tour and 'set-them-aside' for easy access and because you may not have cell phone reception on your tour route. If you think you may need to access any of the other info pages, download them as well) 'Readers' are not meant to be read to the group, but studied beforehand and recited from memory.

A good place to start/continue learning about Willamette Valley wines/wineries is Articles & Videos.

  1. Winery Intro's/ Reader (N. Willamette Valley)

  2. Winery Intro's/ Reader (Columbia R. Gorge)

  3. Portland Urban Wineries

  4. WINE COUNTRY CURRENT EVENTS (Tell your group what's happening)

  5. What's Hot NOW!

  6. Wineries List

  7. Wineries List - Alphabetical

  8. Wine Country Restaurants

    1. Alphabetical

    2. By Town

  9. Winery Route Suggestions

(includes all below)

  1. Winery 'Hidden Gems'

  2. Winery Facility Tours

  3. Wine Country Lodging

  4. Wine Country Attractions

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