My Chauffeur Limousine Liability Agreement ― (Terms & Conditions)

(All Passengers' Must Read and Agree By Signature Below)

Main points of this form:

  • Limo bus - Use emergency windows and roof exit ONLY in an emergency. DO NOT TOUCH.

  • Limo bus - Do not stand up in the bus while it is moving.

  • DO NOT stand near the side (exit) door when the bus is moving. This rule is strictly enforced.

  • Drink alcohol moderately and responsibly - HARD ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED AND ALL ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED IF NOT ALL PARTICIPANT'S ARE AT LEAST AGE 21. My Chauffeur is released & forever discharged from all responsibility related to damages, legal damages and/or injuries to a guest caused from drinking alcohol during this reservation.

  • Sickness - fines apply for sickness on or in the My Chauffeur vehicle.

I have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. (Limo bus) - The emergency exits are in the roof and the 2 rear side windows with the red handles.  To operate the roof exit in an emergency, turn & push the red knob. To unlock the window emergency exits; pull both red handles up and push out. The emergency roof exit and rear side windows are only to be unlocked and used in an emergency. Do not touch them unless there is an emergency. If you touch them and they break; you ARE held liable for repairs, replacement and/or vehicle down time up to $1000.00 per window or exit door + vehicle ‘down-time' for repairs.

  2. (limo bus) - This bus may start or stop suddenly.  All passengers must initial the rental agreement document that My Chauffeur has instructed you to please remain seated while this bus is in motion.  Due to the nature of this bus, and that it is a bus that allows standing, and that alcohol beverages are allowed on board, each passenger "rides at their own risk".  My Chauffeur will not be responsible for any passenger that injures his or herself in any way while aboard the vehicle or during the rental period.  Therefore, please remain seated while the bus is moving.

  3. (limo bus) - It is forbidden to be standing near the side exit door when the vehicle is moving. This rule is strictly enforced.

  4. Food & Alcohol - Food: For BYO food; please bring non-messy foods. My Chauffeur charges for food clean-up beyond the normal inside our vehicles See #11 Cleaning & Repairs under the service order agreement; below at bottom.  Alcohol: All hard alcohol (any alcohol 15% ABV or higher) is prohibited in My Chauffeur vehicles.  Beer & wine are allowed* but not recommended due to over consumption. Purchased alcohol is requested to be put in the vehicle trunk. Passengers under 21 years of age may not consume alcohol but may be present if alcohol is present as long as they are accompanied by their parent.  If anyone under 21 years of age is not accompanied by their parent, then all alcohol is forbidden inside the vehicle. Significant charges apply for sickness either in or on our vehicles (up to an automatic $350.00 fine for each incident charged immediately; $3500.00 max fine). Consequences apply due to over-consumption See service order agreement #7 & #11; The Rule Of Law (Intoxicated Persons) & Cleaning & Repairs; below at bottom). Our chauffeurs on a best effort basis make sure that the guests they bring to an establishment are neither obviously intoxicated nor disruptive.  When advised by bar or winery personnel that our guests are creating a problem, the chauffeur is required to immediately remove the guests from the property.  Our chauffeurs are required to take action to correct any problem related to our customers brought to our attention by an establishment employee or representative. Monitoring your group for persons who are overly inebriated is a shared responsibility of My Chauffeur and the wineries.  A GROUP MONITOR is included with your tour. This means your driver/guide and/or tour guide (as applicable) will be observing and/or monitoring your group for individuals who are too inebriated to be served.  If anyone gets too inebriated and refuses to follow the driver and/or guides instructions, your tour will end unless that (those) person(s) are being agreeable and agreeing to not enter the winery. Hard alcohol is prohibited. Hard alcohol and/or empty hard alcohol bottles found in the vehicle will be subject to an immediate end of your reservation and/or fine in agreement with the contractual agreement (See Terms & Conditions #11). See FOOD & ALCOHOL, PART 1 on your reservation contract.

  5. Drink moderately and responsibly - release and indemnity: as an adult participant of this contract, I hereby agree, to release and forever discharge My Chauffeur Transportation (AKA My Chauffeur Wine Tours) and its affiliates' respective officers, agents, employees, contractors and principals ("released parties") and assigns from all manner of actions, causes of actions, debts, accounts, bonds, contracts, claims and demands for or by reason of any damage, loss or injury to person and property which has been or may be sustained as a consequence of the following:

  • The claim or dispute arose as a result of damages, injuries, death or illness caused as a result of alcohol consumption in My Chauffeur Transportation LLC and affiliates vehicles.

  • If a reservation guest is too intoxicated to drive home after the reservation, My Chauffeur will, on request, arrange for a driver or a taxi.

  1. All cleaning fees and damage fees will be paid for immediately and with no notice by charging your reservation agreement and a final price audit will be done after the conclusion of your reservation.

I declare that I am 18 years of age or over and I sign with full agreement and understanding of the terms and conditions herein. I verify that I am entering into this agreement voluntarily, and after careful consideration.  I also verify that My Chauffeur has recited items #1 through #3 above to our group.

Print Reservation Name: _______________________________         Date:

Service Provider: My Chauffeur Transportation LLC.           Date:

All Adult Passenger's Must Sign Below:

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4.  _____________________    5.  _____________________    6.  _____________________

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10.  ____________________  11.  _____________________  12.  _____________________

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