Chehalem Mountains-Ribbon Ridge AVAs - established 2006 -

Cherry, Black Tea & Cinnamon

  • The vines of the Willamette Valley (& Chehalem Mtns.) vineyards originate from the same vines found in Burgundy France, one of the oldest wine growing regions in the world. Historically known to supply wine to the Roman legions of Julius Caesar, these unique vines result in remarkable red, white and rosť wines.

  • Some of the more bold Pinot Noir wines come from the Chehalem Mountains AVA. Expect Cherry, black tea and cinnamon.

  • The Chehalem Mountains AVA is a single uplifted landmass in the northern Willamette Valley. It is the geography, climate & soils that differentiate this AVA from others. All three important hillside soil types are represented, basaltic, ocean sedimentary and loess (blown lake bed sediment), the predominant soil on the northern face of the Chehalem Mountains.

  • The Soils:

    The Chehalem Mountains and Ribbon Ridge AVAs reflect millions of years of soil accretion, mixing, blowing, and uplift, creating a rich geological experiment in one tightly packed geographical area. Within this one region there are ancient, uplifted sedimentary seabeds; weathered rich red soils from lava flows (CRBG) down the Columbia River; and relatively new glacial sediment (AKA Missoula Floods) scoured from western states and blown onto north-facing hillsides in tumultuous windstorms. Soils so violently and differently formed pass on a predictable complexity and unique taste in their wines. Itís an exciting winemaking laboratory to experience the similarities and contrasts in the wines of the Chehalem Mountains.

  • Family-owned vineyards are nurtured with knowledge and care where you will surely find tireless winemakers balancing on the edges of large vats, punching down the grape skins so their color and flavors can be extracted into the juice as it becomes wine and see new barrels and old stacked four high being topped-off by an enterprising assistant.  Here, great wines are made with pride and passion.

Key Producers in Chehelam Mountains
J. Christopher, Raptor Ridge, Rex Hill, Sineann, Ponzi Vineyards, J. Albin & others

More about the Chehalem Mountains-Ribbon Ridge AVAs:

The AVA includes several discrete spurs, mountains and ridges, such as Ribbon Ridge and Parrott Mountain. The highest point within the Willamette Valley is the Chehalem Mountainsí Bald Peak, at 1633 feet, which affects weather for the AVA and for adjoining grapegrowing hillsides. Within the almost 70,000 acres of this AVA are over 1600 acres of grapes, grown in over 100 vineyards, and 31 wineries.

NEWBERG, TOWN OF - We pay homage to the historic community of Newberg, once a major shipping center for the bounty of the Willamette Valley. Peaches, pears, nuts and berries were canned and shipped from here to such prominent customers as the Queen of England.

Click link below for events & for a complete list of wineries within this AVA.

Within the Chahalem Mtn AVA is the Ribbon Ridge AVA.




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