My Chauffeur Wine Tours uses earth-friendly bio-diesel in our 14 passenger limo bus.  Biodiesel is a safe, efficient clean fuel made from vegetable oil. In contrast, "traditional" diesel is made from petroleum oil.   We use the B-5 or B-50 blend depending on the time of year.

The Benefits

  • Produced from locally grown plants or recycled cooking grease

  • Safe, nontoxic, and biodegradable

  • Same or lesser cost compared to gasoline, mile per mile

  • Most efficient use of resources

  • Range, power, payload, and performance equivalent to petrodiesel

  • Greater lubricity makes your engine last longer

  • Requires no modifications (1995 to present) to standard diesel engines to run

  • Pleasant smelling "French fry" or "popcorn" exhaust

Benefits of Biodiesel:

Fuel grown locally.  Biodiesel reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Biodiesel can be produced from virtually any vegetable oil-- for example, coconut, palm, soy, peanut, mustard, and canola oils make excellent biodiesel.

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